Our volunteers represent a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and identities, just like the families that we serve. We welcome volunteers, children, and families of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, including transgender and gender-fluid individuals. Between our different mentoring programs, we are committed to finding the right fit for you.

If you’re looking to volunteer, we’re thrilled that you are interested in mentoring a child or youth in your community! Before you get started, you should know that you are not alone – you are joining hundreds of volunteers who are already building BIG friendships. You’ll also have the support of professional Mentoring Coordinators who are here to support you with training and regular check-ins.

Child safety and finding the right match between “Bigs” and “Littles” are our top priorities – that’s why our application form and screening process is so detailed. Our volunteers tell us that finding the right match is worth the effort and patience.

1 : 1 Mentoring

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Our One-to-One mentoring program provides young people with positive role models. Through consistent outings, a relationship is developed between the Big and the Little, built on trust and common interests, and supported by our experienced Mentoring Coordinators. The result is a life-changing experience for both the adult and the child.

The One-to-One mentoring program typically consists of two regularly scheduled outings a month of a few hours each and a minimum of a one year commitment.

In-School Mentoring


The In-School mentoring program takes place at the child’s school, during school hours. For one hour a week, a volunteer mentor meets with their mentee and engages in activities such as board games, crafts or physical activity.

The In-School mentoring program requires a weekly visit of one hour for the duration of the school year, at a time agreed upon by the volunteer and the school. Matches do not meet over the summer break or during other school holidays.

Champions (55+)

Community and site-Based

Intergenerational mentoring is an important form of community engagement for both senior volunteers and vulnerable children. These important relationships help young people to cope and grow while keeping senior folks engaged in a meaningful way.

Offered in the community and school settings, the Champion program gives young people access to new opportunities and experiences, to build their confidence, and to expand their idea of what is possible, all while creating a space for our seniors to share their knowledge, experience, and talents.

Group Mentoring

Big Bunch


Young people smiling

Big Bunch is a highly adaptable group program that encourages youth to participate in fun-filled activities in a supportive environment with Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors. Our goal is to create a safe, positive space for students to explore different outlets while having fun, taking part in activities, engaging in interesting discussions, learning new skills, hanging out with friends, meeting new ones, and spending time with great leaders!

Over the summer, we partner with YWCA Moncton to offer summer-long Big Bunch groups in the Beechwood and Parkton communities.

Go Girls!


Go Girls! is a group mentoring program for female-identifying youth in grades 4 -7 (age requirement may vary depending on location of program) that focusses on physical activity, balanced eating and self-esteem. The single, most important goal of the program is to positively shape the lives of young people by helping them build a positive self-image – setting them on a path to reach their full potential in life.

Go Girls sessions are held after school for 2 hours, and are once a week for 8 weeks (dependent on available mentors).

Game On


The Game On! program is a group mentoring program that provides mentees with information and support to make informed choices about a range of healthy lifestyle practices. Through fun physical activities and active play, complemented with balanced eating support and snacks, participants are engaged in life skills, communication, and social-emotional health discussions to encourage a life-long healthy lifestyle.

Game On! is an 8-week program, once a week for 90 minutes, and is offered throughout the year at schools and community centres throughout Greater Moncton (dependent on available mentors).