Job Description – Volunteer Mentor

Welcome to Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ core value is to maintain the highest standards of practice in order to deliver safe, quality mentoring programs to children and youth. As a volunteer mentor, you share with your mentee, their parents/guardians, the Big Brother Big Sister Agency, and (in certain programs) partnering site-based staff, a commitment to fostering a safe, enjoyable, meaningful, and healthy mentoring relationship.


General Description

Volunteer Mentors will:

  • successfully complete each phase of the Agency’s enrollment process
  • participate in Pre-Match Training administered by the Agency or partnering organization.
  • maintain regular dialogue with program staff and/or the partnering organization throughout the match
  • be a friend to their mentee, and maintain contact on a regular and consistent basis
  • be a positive role model, emphasizing behaviour such as trust, respect, reliability, honesty, fairness, commitment, resilience, kindness
  • place primary importance upon the protection and well-being of children and youth
  • be supervised and supported by, and remain accountable to, program staff

Qualifications and Requirements

Volunteer Mentors will:

  • have the ability to relate to young people and adults, and to adapt to change
  • be reliable, honest, trustworthy and fun to hang out with
  • be collaborative, patient and positive
  • function within the guidelines of the Agency
  • support the mission of the Agency

Roles and Responsibilities

  • be clear in communication with your mentee’s parents/guardians, particularly around contacts, timing, planned activities and issues of concern
  • maintain regular and open communication with your mentee, his/her parents/guardians, and the Agency
  • take initiative in planning your time with your mentee, yet include him/her in decision making
  • always let your mentee know when s/he can expect to see you next
  • allow the friendship to develop at its own pace
  • notify the Agency of any changes in your contact information, or any personal change that could impact the match
  • promptly report any concerns about the match to the Agency
  • set and respect boundaries along with your mentee, parents/guardians, and program or site-based staff
  • respect the privacy and diversity of your mentee and his/her family
  • commit to a positive, formal closing of the mentoring match
  • follow agency and child protection protocols as discussed in your training – your program staff are always able to guide and support you

The following key messages are something to keep in mind throughout your match. Agency staff would be pleased to discuss the key messages with you.


Key Messages

  • As a mentor, you play a very important role in a young person’s life.
  • Together, we’ll ensure you’re part of a strong, safe, healthy, and enjoyable match.


Key Messages
  • You’re committing to regular match meetings for a significant period of time.
  • The essential members of the match are you, your mentee, their parent/guardian, program staff, and, for some site-based programs, the school liaison.
  • Matches have a beginning, middle, and end: each stage is equally important.


Key Messages
  • Safe, healthy relationships pave the way for strong, supportive matches.
  • It is important for all match participants to exercise their voice and choice.
  • Communication with young people can be challenging, yet it is very important.


Key Messages
  • All match participants will set boundaries, which must be respected.
  • Talk with your mentee about their Circle of Support, and be alert to secrets and risky behaviour.
  • As adults, we have a duty to report abuse if it is disclosed to us or if we have reason to suspect abuse.


Key Messages
  • Be Strong from the Start!

Successful mentoring is a series of small steps, teachable moments, quick smiles, flashes of fun – all of which are foundations for a match that will make a big difference for the young person and for you. Share experiences that will enable you both to learn and grow and HAVE FUN TOGETHER!


Big Brothers Big Sisters provides children and youth with safe, quality mentoring relationships with volunteer mentors. Serving as role models, Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school, and of having respect for family, peers and community.

As a mentor, you share with your mentee, their parents/guardians, the Big Brother Big Sister Agency, and (in certain programs) partnering site-based staff, a commitment to fostering a safe, enjoyable, meaningful, and healthy mentoring relationship by observing the following code of conduct:

  • Mentors agree to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their position as a positive role model to a child/youth, and as a representative of the Agency.
  • Mentors will follow Agency policy and guidelines around the safety of their mentee as outlined in the Pre-Match Training Program.
  • Mentors agree to respect the privacy and dignity of their mentee and family by not divulging confidential information without consent, except where required by law as in the case of suspected child abuse.
  • Mentors agree to honour the commitment of spending time together on a regular basis, yet agree to limit their involvement in their mentee’s life to what is deemed appropriate by the Agency. Mentors are seen as an influence, not a dominant factor, in their mentee’s life.
  • Mentors will establish boundaries with both their mentee and their mentee’s parent/guardian. Mentors understand it is not their role to provide support to the parent/guardian, but will respect the family’s boundaries and approach.
  • The mentor-mentee relationship is based on mutual respect. Mentors agree to treat the Mentee and their family in a respectful way at all times.
  • Mentors agree to allow their mentee to develop their friendship at their own pace.
  • Mentors agree to participate in regular support meetings to discuss the match relationship and to commit to a mandatory match monitoring schedule to ensure the match is safe and healthy; to ensure their mentee derives the most benefit possible from the mentoring friendship; and to ensure both mentee and mentor are feeling valued and supported in the match.
  • Mentors agree to notify the agency of any changes of circumstances (living situation, change of address, phone number, etc.)
  • Mentors agree to connect with program staff to formally close the match. Spending time to close the match in a positive way is essential and is empowering for the mentee. Mentors understand it is imperative, for the well-being of the mentee, to take the time to work with program staff on a positive closure that celebrates the accomplishments of the match relationship.

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