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Meet some of our Matches

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Bob Stacy and Tyler LOGO  postcard Annie and Breannar LOGOpostcard  Ashley and Gillian LOGO postcard
Bob, Stacy and Tyler Annie and Breanna Gillian and Ashley
emma and kayla LOGO postcard  Brenda and Maia LOGO postcard Sonya and Chloe LOGO  postcard
Kayla and Emma  Brenda and Maia Sonya and Chloé
Gaby Daniel LOGO postcard   Julie and Gabrielle LOGO postcard Kass And Renée_Kelly K LOGO postcard 
 Gabby and Daniel Gabrielle and Julie Renée and Kassandra
 Nadine S Pauley_logo Info_ postcard Tamara and Jenna LOGO POSTCARD JPG   Veronique and Natalie LOGO postcard
 Nadine and Samantha Jenna and Tamara Natalie and Véronique
 moms msg leo and noah LOGO postcard Ayden postcard   Daya, Jen, Ken, Lydia postcard
 Leo and Noah Sylvain, Marie-Andrée and Ayden Lydia, Jen & Ken and Daya
 Kelsey and Linda postcard2  Katrina and Brittany postcard zak and frank postcard 
 Linda and Kelsey Brittany and Katrina  Frank and Zak