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BOWL FOR KIDS SAKE is Big Brothers Big Sisters’ premiere fund raising campaign


Our participants believe in supporting good causes that create a strong and healthy community for children.

Can you remember someone in your life who always had a kind word and a generous heart?

The money raised through Bowl for Kids Sake goes directly to help match children with caring adult volunteers and mentors. Together they discover how everyday moments are full of magic!

We help children in our community through the following programs: Big- Little Matching, Couples for Kids, In-School Mentoring, Diversity In-School Mentoring and Big Bunch Teen Mentoring.

Visit: or Email

22 Church Street, Moncton, NB. E1C 0P7 Tel: 506-858-8600 Ext. 3670




Team Name/Nom de l’équipe _______________________________________                                                                                    

Name of Participant/Nom du participant ______________________________

Phone Number/Numéro de téléphone __________________________________

Address/Adresse _________________________________________________

Email Address/Adresse courriel _____________________________________

Sponsors Name

Nom du donateur

Postal Address

Adresse postale


Email Address

(Required for tax receipts)

Courriel électronique

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Donation Amount

Montant du don

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Reçu Requis
























































*Receipts: We gladly issue tax receipts for all donations of $20 or more if required. They will be emailed using the email address provided and a postal address is also required for income tax receipts.

Reçus: Nous émettons volontiers des reçus d'impôt pour tous les dons de 20 $ ou plus si nécessaire. Ils seront envoyés par courriel à l'adresse électronique fournie et une adresse postale est également requise pour les reçus de l'impôt sur le revenu.