Fundraising Tips


Individual Fundraising tips


We are encouraging every bowler to raise at least $50 this year but it’s as easy to raise $100.  Here are some of our ideas to help you out:



How to Raise $100 in 5 Days!

Day 1 - Put in your own $20                            $20

Day 2 - Ask 3 family members for $10            $30      Day 3 - Ask 3 friends for $10                           $30

Day 4 - Ask 2 neighbors for $5                        $10

Day 5 - Ask 2 co-workers for $5                      $10

   TOTAL = $100



Other great ideas:

  • Email! Email! Email!  Send emails to everyone you know and ask them to pledge you on-line.  Online pledging is quick, easy, and secure.  You can even ask friends and family to support you.
  •  Add the link to your on-line pledging page to your e-mail signature
  • Ask your Facebook friends to sponsor you
  • Ask 10 people to pledge you $10
  • Ask your employer to match your team’s contribution or to pledge your team (we’ll provide the tax receipt)
  • Have a change jar at work!


Raising your first $100 really is easier than you think! Do not forget that the Big winner of this event will be the local children we serve! Our Team is available to support your team with ideas, encouragement, and the necessary tools to fundraise.  If you would like fundraising support, please call us at 857-3047, or e-mail 
Our Next Event

Join us for our annual Bowl For Kids Sake, March 31st and April 01st 2017 at Fairlanes Bowling Moncton