Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

November 21, 2021

You are well aware by now that the province of New Brunswick has moved to mandatory vaccinations for many activities and settings. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Moncton is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, volunteers, clients and members of the public with whom we interact regularly. To this end, we have created a Covid-19 Vaccination Policy for our staff and volunteers.

The purpose of the Policy is to provide guidelines pertaining to the expectations and requirements with respect to COVID-19 and vaccination. In our day-to-day operations, we have a responsibility to protect all employees, the people we serve and the community in which we operate.

Please take a few moments to review our vaccination policy. For our Volunteers and Families, please check your email for further information. Thank you

Update: February 8, 2021

Greetings mentors and families,

We are writing today following the announcement from the province that Zone 1 will be moved back to the orange phase as of midnight tonight.

What does this mean for our matches?

With recent changes implemented to the orange phase, individuals can now extend their bubble to a list of steady 10 which means 10 social contacts or less per household. With this, matches can resume in-person outings, but only if it is agreed upon by the parents and mentors that they will become part of each other’s 10 contacts (this guideline does not allow for 10 contact per family member, it means 10 contacts per family). If this is not possible, please continue to maintain virtual & phone contact. A return to orange does not signify an automatic return to in-person outings.

Communication is key!

Please, communicate within your match to discuss how you will continue to stay connected. Check-in with each other to see how you are handling the changes. Discuss your exposure levels and any health risks you face. Discuss expectations with each other so that there is a clear understanding of what will happen in the coming weeks in regards to virtual or in-person outings.  We encourage compassion and empathy during these transitions.

Safety is our number one priority. Please, respect these public health guidelines so that we can continue to move in the right direction and protect our community.

If you haven’t already done so, you can check out our website which now includes a COVID 19 menu option where updates are posed along with activity ideas and resources.

Stay safe everyone. Be patient and kind with each other. We’re here to chat if you need additional support.


Be mindful. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, it may trigger trauma for young people impacted by the virus or by the news surrounding the pandemic. Let your mentee know that you see them and are there for them.

Be intentional about preserving continuity in the relationship.

  • Acknowledge what is going on and engage in a dialogue about the pandemic.
  • Understand and honour your emotions and the emotions of your mentee, including the range of reactions that may be expressed.
  • Commit to self-care. Know that it is okay to take a break from the news and discussions about the virus as needed to manage anxiety or other responses to the situation.

Be in it together. Let your mentee know that you are in this together and are here to help.

  • Follow the latest on COVID-19 situation.
  • Follow the guidelines of your mentoring program and your mentee’s guardian around how to connect and communicate virtually with your mentee. Decide on clear boundaries and agreements about how you will connect with your mentee when meeting in-person.

Be communicative. Healthy and supportive relationships are crucial during this time.

  • If you are able to communicate virtually with your mentee:
    ▪ Let your mentee know you need to temporarily pause seeing them in person but are still there for them virtually. Create a plan with your mentee about how you will stay in touch while continuing to follow the appropriate guidelines.
  • If you are not permitted/able to communicate virtually:
    ▪ Work with your Mentoring Coordinator to figure out a way to pass along information to let your mentee know that you care, value the relationship, and will need to temporarily pause in-person meetings. Health and safety are the primary focuses at this time.




Our friends at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John put together some amazing virtual activities for matches to enjoy safely at home!
You can find a full list of activities here as well as educational websites here.